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Dede T. | Coker, AL

September 24, 2023

“I have 4 dogs ranging from 8 lbs to 99 lbs on a 14 acre tract of property. I needed the dogs contained to the 4 acres around our house. The fencing system has worked beautifully. Love working with these great people and appreciate their support to keep things up and running always. Such peace of mind….Rubble, Dixie, Dash and Izzy join me in thanking Dog Guard!”

The Milhoff Family |

March 19, 2021

“I appreciate Mr. Webster and Dog Guard soo much!! Dog Guard is perfect for an owner that needs to keep his dog contained. I did not want to put up a fence in my yard so I contacted Dog Guard and now my dog can go outside and has the entire yard to play in ( not just the backyard where I would have put the fence.) I have had Dog Guard for about 4 years and it was the best decision ever!!”

M. Anders, Lola and Biscuit | Mountain Brook, AL

March 20, 2024

I love my Dog Guard electric fence. The service is excellent and prompt. My dogs learned quickly. I especially like the rechargeable batteries.

Deana S. and Oliver | Hoover, AL

March 8, 2024

I had a wire that was exposed after ATT had placed their fiber lines, and I wanted to make sure that everything was ok and covered properly. David and his crew came out quickly and fixed any issues that may have arisen from this wire being exposed. Great customer service.

David P. and Hulk and Natasha | Jacksonville, AL

February 17, 2024

Alabama Dog Guard has been nothing short of amazing! We have 2 dogs. One is a Shepherd/Husky mix that weighs about 75 pounds. The other is a Pyrenees/Anatolian mix that weighs about 130 pounds. They both like their collars just fine and I am very happy that they have almost 2 acres to run freely. David and Beth always respond quickly when I have a question or problem and they have successfully resolved any trouble that we have had! Extremely kind and truly concerned with the comfort and safety of our fur babies! RECOMMEND 100%

Vinicia C. | Hokes Bluff, AL

January 25, 2024

Best money I have spent in a long time! This fence has kept my high energy, smart husky baby safely contained. David and Beth have offered the best customer service I have ever experience. I highly recommend this system and this company. Thank you Dog Guard!

Katie M. | Glencoe, AL

January 18, 2024

We love Alabama Do Guard! We’ve been a customer for several years now. They are easy to get in touch with and are quick to help with any questions or concerns we have. I highly recommend them!!!

Jimmy R. |

December 14, 2023

These folks are great. They provide excellent customer service. They are really good with installations and follow up.

Wendy H. | Pell City, AL

November 21, 2023

Working with a family owned company that cares is so refreshing. The fence works and was such a welcome relief. We have stubborn dogs and I was skeptical, but it works! David and Pam can easily be contacted, call or text. They answer questions and help troubleshoot. If you’re on the fence about purchasing an invisible fence, just do it! You won’t be sorry!

Donna L. | Opelika, AL

October 4, 2023

Great service and response time. I would highly recommend if you are maintaining an invisible fence or planning to do an installation. These pups love their fence.

Yvette R. | Oneonta, AL

September 27, 2023

Such great people to work with! I have had great success using this fence with my dogs. The service is wonderful and very affordable. We will always be a customer! Highly recommend!

The Cook Family |

September 14, 2022

They installed my underground fence because I tried everything else to keep my German Shepards at home to no avail. They showed me how to train my dogs and over a few days they caught on and now they don’t go out of my yard matter what happens. They got it done quick and it was so much less cost than a real fence.

The Barton Family |

March 19, 2021

We had the system installed 14 years ago. We now have a new Pup and the system is still working nicely. The pup is so happy she can be outside unsupervised for periods of time!! Freedom for all involved!!

The Craft Family |

March 19, 2021

I have had Dog guard for about 3 months. I decided to make the purchase of an underground fence and collar system because my hunting dog was wandering the neighborhood and being annoying to the neighbors. I couldn’t leave him outside which made keeping up with him and his energy very stressful. Since the fence I have enjoyed my dog so much more. He isn’t near as hyper, he hasn’t gotten out a single time (he is an absolute escape artist so I’m shocked), and my wife likes him much more now which is a plus. I’m very pleased with the product, service, and price my wife and I received. I would recommend you guys everyday of the week.

The Kreps Family |

March 19, 2021

Knowing she [Phoebe] can have outside time in our backyard without being on a leash is exciting!

The Harwell Family |

March 19, 2021

We have had 4 dogs over the past 15 years contained by the dog guard fence. We keep our grand dog every other week while her mommy works so we decided it was time to train her on the fence too. Success as usual. We are so happy we found Dog Guard. Great company and owners and even better service.

The Keeling Family |

March 19, 2021

We chose DOG GUARD because our metal ornamental fence was not keeping our pit bull Lucy from socializing with all the neighbors. She loved to climb the fence and go door to door visiting. I was reluctant at first to go with Dog Guard because I did not want to scare Lucy. Now, I can leave and trust she will not escape!!

The Kent Family |

March 19, 2021

I have had Dog Guard since I brought my first poodle (Camee) home-6 years ago. I bought an additional collar 2 years later for my other poodle (Prissy). The system has always worked and I am confident my dogs will be safely confined to my yard. The best additions I made to the system were the boxes set up inside my house (room transmitters) to prevent them from entering my living room and dining room. No begging at the table!

The Rascoe Family |

March 19, 2021

I’m very happy to see Max enjoying freedom in the yard. If anyone wants to know how good a job the Dog Guard staff does, I’d be happy to give a referral. Chad and David have been so great in getting us setup with the underground fence. If you have any questions, I would say that they have been terrific for me and Max and handled my beginner problems quickly and with a smile! The price is also very good!

The McCray Family |

March 19, 2021

Chris McCray raises show quality chickens and turkeys as well as livestock on Red Feather Farm in rural Alabama. Assisting him are his three Great Pyrenees and assorted smaller “adoptees.” “I have been a Dog Guard customer for several years. It is literally a life saver for me. The dogs protect my livestock and fowl from flying and four footed predators. Dog Guard protects the dogs from a busy road and keeps me on good terms with my neighbors. My entire 6.3 acres is enclosed by Dog Guard even though some of it has some challenging undergrowth. In fact David almost stepped on a rattlesnake during the installation. I have known David and Beth Webster for many years as a Dog Guard customer and in other settings. If they tell you something you can take it to the bank.”

The Moore Family |

March 19, 2021

Crystal and Shane Moore’s dog, Frank, loves to run! They looked us up online and say that Frank is now doing great. “We love the fence!”

The Moseley Family |

March 19, 2021

Alabama Dog Guard out of Gadsden did excellent! We have both a big and small dog. It’s on the lowest setting and neither have gotten out. We have had it for several months now.

The Schreckenghaust Family |

March 19, 2021

We have had Dog Guard for two years. We live in the country and have about 30 acres of land. We wanted to fence in a large amount of space so our dogs had plenty of room to run and play. We chose Dog Guard because of the affordability and not having a fence obscure our view of the property.

The Gray Family |

March 19, 2021

Princess was digging out underneath the chain link fence and also in the flower beds. The Gray family chose to use Dog Guard to stop her from digging out and extend her area to the front yard, and also used the versatility of the underground system to block off the flower beds. Now both she AND the flowers are safe!

Judy S. |

May 27, 2020

We highly recommend Alabama Dog Guard! The customer service was great and they were so easy to work with. This is best purchase we've made to help keep our Whiskey safe.

Nancy H. |

May 13, 2020

We Love Alabama Dog Guard! Best customer service, always available for questions or advice. Training was so quick!

Crystal Y. and Rue | Moulton, AL

March 22, 2024

Wow!! I cannot say enough good things about Alabama Guard Dog! We had a problem one evening and I sent an email. I thought it would be tomorrow before I hear back. Nope, I heard back from them that evening with a plan in place the next day to handle our problem. They go above and beyond for their customers!! I highly recommend them! David and Beth have been very helpful and supportive to get your dog use to the system!! Thank you again for everything y'all did for me and Rue!!!

Kristin S. and June and Dixie May | Hoover, AL

March 15, 2024

We have been so pleased with this system. Our 2 yr old pug picked it up in a matter of days and has happily played in the yard safely ever since. Our new puppy is learning it as well, and it is giving her more freedom to be outside too. They were helpful both online with communication and in person with training. We highly recommend Alabama Dog Guard!

David and Nicki B. and Layla | Bessemer, AL

March 8, 2024

They did a great job. They did all the work putting the fence in and they got it done in a day. Their customer service is on point. I was very concerned because we live right by the main road and I needed some extra guidance to make sure my dog didn't get hit. The owner always called me back and always made good suggestions. It's been a few months now and my dog is fully trained to the fence and I can let her out without worrying about her, this was exactly my goal. I do recommend this company. It's a more expensive approach, but you get what you pay for with these fences. I've done the research and I wasn't willing to give the cheaper fences a try because the reviews weren't solid and the companies didn't stand behind their product like Alabama Dog Guard clearly does. I appreciate doing business with this family.

Reggie and Vanessa M. | Birmingham, AL

February 21, 2024

I love the personalized attention they provide. If you have a question or a need, they are quick to respond and they're always so nice! I highly recommend!

Richard and Krista B. and Tucker and Ned | Pell CIty, AL

January 29, 2024

David and his team do everything that they say they will do. In this day and time SERVICE is usually unheard of, but not with them. Plus their products really work great!!!!!!!!!

Richard B. | Pell City, AL

January 29, 2024

David and his team do everything that they say they will do. In this day and time SERVICE is usually unheard of, not with them. Plus their products really work great!!!!!!!!!

Emilie M. |

January 26, 2024

We had this fence installed in 2022 and it has been great. David did an excellent install and on site training. It took our dog a week or two to get it and now she is very comfortable with her space and we are very happy with our freedom.

Emilie M. |

January 24, 2024

We had the fence installed in 2022 and love it. David was great with on site training and after a week our dog was comfortable with her space and we love the freedom. You should get one too.

Jason W. | Birmingham, AL

January 20, 2024

Alabam Dog Guard has been great to deal with from the original installation to sales after service.

Crystal A. | Plantersville, AL

January 19, 2024

Alabama Dog Guard treated me like family from our very first interaction. They are professional and kind to us and our fur babies. I chose them because of their customer services and ended up with an even greater product at a GREAT price!!

Crystal A. | Plantersville, AL

January 14, 2024

Amazing family! Top notch customer service and affordable prices. We cannot recommend Alabama Dog Guard enough.

Krs B. | Ashville, AL

January 4, 2024

5 solid stars for excellent customer service! 5 solid stars for an excellent product! 5 solid stars for my absolute happiness! We had a fence installed two and half years ago because of a wandering dog. It was easy to train our dog, and the system was absolutely effective, We accidentally dug up the system when gardening, and within one day, they had come to repair the line. When I needed to purchase another collar for an additional dog, prompt service was provided. For the new dog, the collar also has been effective! David and Beth truly care about their customers as evidenced by prompt returning of phone calls, going the extra mile to ensure their customers are absolutely satisfied, and standing by their product for complete effectiveness. I am a mother of 6 and not one to take time to write reviews, but I owe it to this great family- owned company to get the word out! They are fantastic, and their product is entirely effective!

Cody S. |

January 1, 2024

Good people and great product. Way better then invisible fence

Andres T. | Birmingham, AL

December 12, 2023

Alabama Dog Guard has very professional and good service. Never had any issues with them. Every time my yard people or AT&T cut my wire they come out and fix it quickly. I’m very pleased and satisfied with their service and surly give them my highest score for service. AT

Diane H. | Rainbow City, AL

December 4, 2023

I would like to add to me below post. This week I have had one of my dogs getting out of the fence. I contacted Dog Guard and as usually they were right on it helping me to solve the problem and to figure out how to keep my dog safe. I can not say enough good and positive things about Alabama Dog Guard. I have NEVER dealt with a company that backs their product the way that Dog Guard does. Then there is the customer service that they provide. The Webster's are always helpful and find a way to fix the problem. I had a collar that was not working, they brought me a lender collar until they could get me a replacement. When I had a dog that was gettig out they did everythig to help me find a solution. I can not say enough good things about the Webster's and Dog Guard. If I ever needed a fence I woud 100% go with Dog Guard. If you need a fence contact them I don't think you will not be disappointed. Thank you for almost 20 years of service. We have had our fence for 18 years and they never stop surprising me. This company backs their product like no other. Last week our transmitter got struck by lightening and Mr Webster came out the next day. I was prepared to have to replace the transmitter and he informed me it was covered under warranty. Who does that after 18 years? He came out replaced my transmitter, added a surge protector, and paid a service call. It does not get any easier than that. I appreciate the service I have received over the past 18 years no matter what I need we always get fast friendly and quality service. Thank you Mr. Webster and Dog Guard of Alabama

Casey W. | Homewood, AL

November 2, 2023

We love Alabama Dog Guard. They are kind and professional and provide great service!

YBI1257 |

October 9, 2023

We have been a customer of Dog Guard of Alabama for many years! Our family has multiple locations and several pups in the fam. The customer service and product support is fantastic. We have had damaged receivers (our fault) that were replaced with no questions asked. If you are considering a new pet containment system- look no further than Dog Guard of Alabama. The Webster’s are great people!, and will treat you like family!

Elizabeth Z. | Notasulga, AL

October 7, 2023

Well pleased with the system, collars, and service. My dogs have not escaped in years and now they have a better collar. If you have more than one dog, I suggest getting collars with metal clasps of buckles and getting the chew guards to prevent one dog from destroying the collar on the other dog.

Roger T. | Somerville, AL

October 2, 2023

Good people to work with. Had a glitch with my gfi. They took care of it expeditiously.

Elisabeth C. |

September 29, 2023

When the paving company who was hired by the developer of our neighborhood was re-paving our access road they cut the wire to our Dog Guard fence. We went through weeks of back and forth and run arounds with the county and the builders. Finally these awesome people at Dog Guard came out and fixed it free of charge! They were amazingly kind and helpful. He even fixed a section that my husband had accidentally cut just that morning while weeding the yard. He was very quick, thorough, and kind. Having a Great Dane and a very ornery Hound, it is such a relief to have the fence back up and working. Thank you Alabama Dog Guard!!

Amber B. | Vestavia, AL

September 28, 2023

Great installation and we have the fence for a year now and it works great with our very active GSP! Great customer service as well!

McKenzi L. |

September 26, 2023

We love them our dogs love the freedom!

Alicia O. | Vestavia, AL

September 25, 2023

Always responsive when I have a question. Came out same day when the internet installers cut the fence. Great locally owned business!

Monica P. | Pinson, AL

September 21, 2023

I am very pleased with my Alabama Dog Guard system. It's hard to believe it has been a year since having my system installed. I really appreciate the battery replacement reminders from Beth and David, which helps to keep my pups safely within their space. I can't say enough about the excellent customer service and products. I highly recommend Alabama Dog Guard!

Ashley S. | Birmingham, AL

September 13, 2023

Alabama Dog Guard installed a fencing system for our puppy and Beth and David have been great to work with and very helpful.

Kim S. | Springville, AL

July 24, 2023

David and Beth are so kind and wonderful to work with! Both our shih tzu and new rescue dog are doing great with our fence and we are so thankful that we don’t have to worry about them getting out! Highly recommended Alabama Dog Guard to anyone considering an electric dog fencing system 😊

Shane H. | Boaz, AL

July 12, 2023

Does great work, always prompt and on time

Lacey H. | Ashville, AL

June 9, 2023

We feel so much better k owing that our precious Birdie can’t get in the busy road by our house. David and Beth have been super helpful in this process. We recommend them 100%.

John F. | Indian Springs, AL

May 17, 2023

Our Dog Guard fence has worked out great for our three dogs. Any time we have an issue David has been quick to come out and fix the problem. My last issue was a lightning strike. David came out the same day I called and we were immediately operational again. I highly recommend this company.

Kelsey D. |

March 15, 2023

I LOVED working with the Dog Guard team. They made this process so quick and easy. I believe I spoke to Mrs. Beth first and she was very kind and informative and the guys that came out to install the fence around our 3 acre property were very kind and professional as well. This fencing has been the only thing that has kept my escape artists in consistently. I no longer have to worry about letting them out and them running off and they have been given the freedom to roam the whole property care free. I will 100% recommend them to any and everyone who asks about it. We LOVE Dog Guard!

Kristen A. | Birmingham, AL

February 4, 2023

David and Beth are awesome to work with. They are prompt, responsive and offer a quality fence at a great price.

Tammy L. |

February 3, 2023

Wonderful experience very professional made sure we understood how to train our dogs and the follow up is amazing!!! I highly recommend!

P. Satt |

February 1, 2023

I am very happy with dog guard, Taz is doing well with it, and has gotten spoiled to his new collar he gets upset when I take it off. I’m so relieved that he will stay safe at home now. The installers were terrific they explained everything and worked cleanly and efficiently. I will recommend them without hesitation.

The Benson Family |

January 20, 2023

I no longer worry about my 6-month-old puppy chasing cars out into the street !! He stays right in his area, has not once crossed the fence line! It only took him 5 minutes to figure it out. He can’t even be prompted out and he is a stubborn dog. I’m so happy he can play freely in a big yard yet be very safe! The company owners and staff have been very courteous, and efficient. It has been an enjoyable experience. We heard about them from a friend, now I’ve already referred a delivery person in our neighborhood, they were so impressed they wanted a fence too. Thank you Alabama DOG GUARD!🐶

The Daugherty Family | Riverside, AL

January 20, 2023

I called Alabama dog guard because my dog wanted to wander off. They were very informative about the product. I wasn't sure their product would work but I tried it anyway, and it ended up being a great product. My dog found where I chose to stop the fence and started going around it every day. I called them back and told them they came out and extended the fence to the end of my property and now my dog doesn't leave the yard.

The Hancock Family |

January 20, 2023

They were great. Had 3 hours estimated for installation, done in 2. Very nice, a real pleasure to deal with. It took maybe 3 zaps and our dog, GoodBoy, never tried to cross the line again. It's a huge relief knowing he won't go in the road.

The McKelvey Family | Hartselle, AL

January 20, 2023

This company has been wonderful to work with! They are very responsive, showed up on time, and very professional. We had a small hiccup and they were back out the next day and got it fixed perfectly! Thank you so much!

The Satt Family |

January 20, 2023

I am very happy with dog guard, Taz is doing well with it, and has gotten spoiled to his new collar he gets upset when I take it off. I’m so relieved that he will stay safe at home now. The installers were terrific they explained everything and worked cleanly and efficiently. I will recommend them without hesitation.

The Seuferling Family |

January 20, 2023

Beth and David were amazing! They were flexible with installation and knew what they were doing! My Doodle loves to be outside and play and now he is safe and sound in his own yard. He has learned quickly and it is so enjoyable to be outside with him and not worry that he will want to run and see the neighbor's dogs! Thank you Alabama DOG GUARD for making this so easy!

The Anderson Family | Birmingham, AL

January 20, 2023

First had Dog Guard installed in my yard 13 years ago. Had them come out recently to find and repair a break in the line and to train a new lab puppy how the fence worked. Have always had quick responses when I need batteries and they have always arrived on time. Good product, would definitely recommend!

The Cross Family |

September 14, 2022

David, Beth, and their team are number one in my book. We have utilized their services for many years, and they are always quick to respond whenever we have an issue with our out-of-sight fencing. We have a very large area (much of it wooded) and the system keeps our pups (one a Great Pyr) within the area at all times. I highly recommend their product and their attention to customer service.

The Hudson Family |

September 14, 2022

David and Beth were amazing to work with. They were so knowledgeable and friendly. Always prompt to return calls and answer every question, even if it seemed silly. They show such pride in their work and really care about their customers. Always follow up and make sure everything is running well and goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy with their product. Highly recommend working with Alabama Dog Guard and The Websters.

The Gibson Family |

September 14, 2022

Game changer! Dog Guard has been a game changer for us and our Houdini of a dog. Not a single escape after this was installed and we’ve had it over a year. Wish we would have done this sooner! This local company has been so easy to work with as well. I highly recommend them!

The Porter Family |

September 14, 2022

I have used Alabama Dog Guard since the late 1990s. David and Beth are incredibly responsive and professional. If someone breaks the fence line, they fix it immediately. If I run out of batteries, more arrive the next day. David has trained three dogs on the fence. None have broken through. I am happy and all the dogs, in succession, have remained safe, even the current one, an independent 60 lb. male standard poodle.

Misty T. |

December 28, 2020

We ❤️ our fence! The guys were very nice and installed our fence very quick. Our dog has been able to roam our yard now. Thanks!

Lynn M. |

November 13, 2019

Great company, awesome guarantee!! Our dogs mastered the zones very quickly!! Best purchase ever!

Debbie R. |

October 9, 2019

David got the job done very quickly for me...which really helped me out with a new dog, that turned out to be a fence jumper! I am very pleased with the work and it works great with my dog Bailey! David even cam back to help me with an issue, that was probably my fault!

Lane T. |

September 19, 2019

Quick response fence was installed in a timely manner and employees were very friendly. Great turnaround time on order.

Brian W. |

September 18, 2019

I chose Dog Guard 15 years ago because of the excellent customer service and reasonable prices! Our favorite benefit of the system is the prompt customer service! Mr. Webster and everyone at Alabama Dog Guard are so easy to work with.

Sheena L. |

July 14, 2019

David came over and explained the process to us even showed us how to properly train our dogs with the new under ground fence. Chad and Robert his installers were super friendly and knowledgeable and got the job done. Couldn’t even tell they were here. Very pleased, and our dogs are happy to roam freely in our yard now. Very satisfied customer. Thank you guys.

Erin T. |

April 27, 2019

The installers are professional and friendly. They took the time to show us how to train our dog, and answered our questions afterward.

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