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System Troubleshooting

If you experience problems with your Dog Guard equipment, there are several things you can check to determine the nature of the problem. If, after reviewing the following areas, you still can not determine the problem, please contact us.

Check Your Lights

The GREEN power light and the RED loop indicator light should always be ON. The YELLOW fault light is only on when there is an internal problem with the system transmitter board.

If the GREEN light is off, your unit does not have power. This problem can easily be fixed by making sure your AC adaptor is plugged into the wall outlet and the on/off switch is in the ON position.

If the unit receives a lightning strike, the YELLOW light will come on sometimes, simultaneously with an audible alarm depending on the extent of damage to the unit. At this time, please contact your Dog Guard dealer.

If the RED light is not on, and the alarm is sounding, there is a break in the wire loop. If you can locate the break you may make the repair yourself.

Be sure to use the same gauge and type (stranded or solid) wire that was installed. Repairs should either use a standard wire nut with an underground protective cap placed over it or use a special wire nut with silicone already in the nut.

Check Your Wires

Be sure ALL the wires are securely connected to both the surge protector and the transmitter.

The 2 wires coming in from outside should connect the the "Loop" side of the surge protector.

The remaining 2 wires should connect to the "Transmitter" side of the surge protector.

The 2 wires coming from the surge protector should securely connect to the terminal block of the transmitter.

Lightning Damage

Dog Guard's transmitter comes equipped with enhanced lightning & power surge protection, designed to arrest any static electrical charges received. This protection will temporarily shut down the system to prevent permanent damage to the transmitter.

Of course, there will be times when lightning damage is inevitable. In fact, lightning hits, even those that don't directly strike the affected property, can cause power surges that will damage electronic equipment. If your alarm and fault light are both activated, your system has probably received lightning damage. It is important to contact Dog Guard as soon as possible.

Check Your Batteries

If your system appears to be working properly and you are having trouble with your dog escaping, check the battery in the dog's receiver.

Be sure the battery is properly installed with the "+" plus side up.

Be sure the battery is fresh. We recommend changing them every 6 months.

Be sure it is still beeping at the boundary. Carry the collar/receiver about knee high (or lower) out to the boundary and listen for the beep.

Contact Your Local Dog Guard Dealer

If your system seems to be working properly and your dog is still escaping, feel free to contact Alabama Dog Guard by phone, message, email, or social media.

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