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Alabama Dog Guard  Serving Central and Northern Alabama.

Locating & Repairing Fences

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In addition to Out of Sight Fencing and Dog Training services, we also provide repair and/or location services for our customers. We make a commitment to locate your existing fence in order to protect your investment and provide optimal safety of your pet. Please call before you dig! Doing this up front will save you from any additional repairs. If your fence does need to be repaired for any reason, we provide that service too!

Dog Fence Repairs

Can't figure out why your existing pet containment system isn’t working? We can help find and replace failed components such as your transmitter, receiver, or collar.

Our fencing repair services include:

We also offer replacement batteries and cat/dog collars for your Dog Guard system.

Dog Fence Location Services

Need to move an existing Dog Guard system? We can do that! We also can add additional pets or loops on a new or existing containment system.

Our fencing location services include:

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