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System Adjustments

One of the best features of the Dog Guard electronic fence system is its ease of adjustment. No programming or codes necessary. There are only two elements of the system that can be adjusted: the warning correction level and the range (how far from the wire the signal actually begins).

Both adjustment controls are recessed to keep unwanted adjustments from happening. They can be easily accessed using the included adjustment tool or a small slotted screw driver.

Be sure to remove your dog's Dog Guard receiver/collar before making ANY adjustments!

Adjusting The Warning

This is the control located on the FRONT of the transmitter. Adjusting the correction level of the warning zone really is as simple as deciding what percentage of the full correction you want to give as a warning. This recessed control has a small slotted arrow that lets you know what level it's at. This control knob will stop at 0% (counter clockwise) and will stop at 100% (clockwise).

Setting it at 0% means your dog will only hear a beep, with no correction, as a warning to stop. Setting it at 100% means that your dog will hear a beep while receiving full correction. So essentially there would be no warning.

No matter what the warning level is set to, if your dog disobeys the warning and continues outward, the receiver will jump to 100%.

Adjusting The Range

This is the control located on the SIDE of the transmitter. There is a little more to this setting, but still easy to adjust. The range controls how far away from the wire the receiver actually begins receiving a signal.

Carrying the Dog Guard receiver (about knee high or lower) out to the boundary, mark where you first hear a beep.

Go back to the transmitter and make your adjustment. This control has no stop, so it will spin indefinitely in either direction. Turning the control one full revolution in either direction will give you a range adjustment of about 18 inches.

Taking the receiver/collar back out to the boundary, you can now mark and adjust as much as desired.

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If you would like for us to come make any adjustments to your system, we would be more than happy to help. You can contact Alabama Dog Guard by phone, message, email, or social media.

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